Orlando Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Resolving All Issues

Orlando Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Resolving All Issues

Using his experience as a Florida Supreme Court certified County Court Mediator, Orlando uncontested divorce lawyer Michael R. De Canio works with his clients to resolve sensitive divorce issues through negotiation whenever possible. With his guidance, quarreling clients often achieve amicable and workable divorce agreements.

The advantages of Orlando uncontested divorce

Making the decision to divorce often follows such a tumultuous relationship that the possibility of achieving agreement on settlement issues seems inconceivable to clients. But when divorce lawyers have extensive mediation credentials and experience, a negotiated settlement through mediation offers many advantages, including the following:

  • Reduced costs. Every hour not spent in the courtroom reduces court costs. When the divorce attorney helps resolve all settlement issues, the courtroom process for an uncontested divorce in Orlando often involves little more than an administrative procedure.
  • Greater control. Florida law makes every attempt to achieve fair resolution for all family members affected by divorce. As one of the most experienced Orlando divorce attorneys, Michael R. De Canio helps clients in Orlando create customized solutions for their settlement issues by keeping decisions in the hands of the affected parties, rather than leaving them to the discretion of a judge who must follow arbitrary guidelines.
  • Less stress. Uncontested divorce lawyers help clients avoid the stress of a full courtroom trial in Orlando. This helps both the divorcing spouses and their children.
  • Quicker resolution. Even when dealing with complex issues involving detailed preparation, Orlando divorce lawyer Michael R. De Canio typically helps clients in Orlando with the dissolution of their marriages in a fraction of the time needed to pursue contested divorce in court. And since both parties agree to the issues, they do not draw the process out through appeals or additional disputes.

Helping families reach amicable solutions in uncontested divorces.

Even when clients do not believe they can come to agreement with their spouses, the Law Offices of Michael R. De Canio can use its mediation experience to help them successfully negotiate a settlement that protects the best interests of the entire family. Contact the Michael R. De Canio today for a consultation.

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If you need help resolving a family law dispute while protecting your family's physical, financial and emotional well-being, contact the Law Office of Michael R. De Canio today for an initial consultation.

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