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Based in Orlando, Florida, the Law Offices of Michael R. De Canio provides aggressive courtroom representation when litigation becomes necessary to protect the rights of clients. But whenever possible, Orlando divorce lawyer Michael R. De Canio works with clients in Orlando to resolve divorce issues through the more amicable means available in uncontested divorce.

Preparation is Key to Success for Orlando Contested Divorce Lawyers

Divorce court judges must rely on evidence to make decisions on vital issues, such as child custody, distribution of property and spousal support. Orlando divorce lawyers must prepare these cases using the same attention to detail necessary for any type of courtroom trial. Necessary actions include the following:

  • Developing evidence of historical issues within the marriage and relative to the children
  • Preparing a thorough accounting of financial issues, including past earnings of both spouses and debt details and even accounting for family-owned businesses
  • Producing accurate inventories of marital assets — and those items owned solely by their clients
  • Identifying health and other issues of spouses and children that can affect the monetary value of support and other matters

Orlando family law attorney Michael R. De Canio works closely with clients to develop effective evidence for their cases.

Helping Clients Through an Emotionally-Charged Courtroom Process

Our clients typically pursue contested divorce in Orlando only when they cannot obtain fair settlement through alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. In some cases, an imbalance of power exists within a marriage that can extend to a courtroom trial, adding extensive stress to the process. We have the compassion and experience to help our clients work   through the emotional issues and maintain an objective viewpoint. By enhancing the ability of   clients to testify and contribute to the courtroom process, we help ensure a successful outcome for their cases.

Thorough Preparation and Compassionate Support for your Contested Divorce

Unfortunately, the contentious nature of some marital relationships can make any form of negotiated settlement impossible. When contested divorce provides the best protection for clients, the Law Offices of Michael R. De Canio prepares thoroughly for vigorous litigation in court.  Contact us today for a consultation.

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If you need help resolving a family law dispute while protecting your family's physical, financial and emotional well-being, contact the Law Office of Michael R. De Canio today for an initial consultation.

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