The Importance of Family Law Attorneys in Orlando

Based in Orlando, the Law Offices of Michael R. Decanio provides skilled and compassionate guidance to individuals and families facing a host of legal issues. Family law attorney Michael R. De Canio provides tireless support to clients dealing with virtually any family legal situation, including divorce and other family issues such as prenuptial agreements, paternity and domestic violence.

Why you need an experienced family law attorney in Orlando?

Ending a marriage or dealing with other family issues typically involves many complex considerations and ever-changing Florida divorce laws. During a time when emotions run high, most individuals cannot make objective decisions. With more than a decade of experience helping families in a range of family law situations, attorney Michael R. De Canio helps clients predict the future effects of their decisions and establish a bright future for themselves and their children. Contact our offices today for a free consultation.

The qualities to look for in an Orlando family law attorney

The Law Offices of Michael R. De Canio provides full legal support for family issues by using:

Why you need an experienced family law attorney in Orlando?

Up-to-date legal knowledge
The state of Florida frequently reviews and changes the rules of family law, particularly as applied to divorce. Family law attorneys must remain current on ever-changing laws to ensure protection of the rights of their clients.

A family law attorney must also have a full understanding of the emotional concerns of clients. These issues must be addressed for families to achieve the most beneficial results. As your attorney, Mr. De Canio is not only an advocate, but a counselor for all matters.

There may come a point in your case where you need your attorney to be assertive (or even aggressive) in order to properly protect you from your spouse. While studying business implementation and strategy, Mr. De Canio successfully handled numerous complex and stressful situations involving conflicting interests. As a project manager, Mr. De Canio’s strategy is concise: Focus on finding solutions, not identifying problems. As an attorney, his ability to maintain a cool and calm demeanor has helped him resolve his clients’ problems and protect their rights in a way few other attorneys can. And when questioning witnesses, Mr. De Canio’s persistence enables him to get to the facts no matter how evasive or complicated the witness.
Attention to detail
Achieving successful resolution to most family issues requires a thorough understanding of the underlying elements in a case. Your attorney must be capable of substantiating financial and other details to help prepare an effective case.

Many family law cases do not require courtroom trial, provided your family law attorney has the skills to help the family negotiate a fair resolution. An attorney with mediation experience can often effectively help families find common ground without going before a judge.

When settlement is not an option, you need an attorney who can aggressively prepare and present your case in court.

Compassionate support for your family law issues

The Law Offices of Michael R. De Canio recognizes the importance of combining compassion with objective guidance to ensure the best outcome for the entire family.  Contact us today for a consultation.

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If you need help resolving a family law dispute while protecting your family's physical, financial and emotional well-being, contact the Law Office of Michael R. De Canio today for an initial consultation.

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